LOVEly Sunday

Happy Gay Pride Day!

I had a pretty fun Sunday. It was a lot like a glimpse of what I want my future to be like on Sunday’s. Meeting up with friends, going to church, and having a barbecue on my building’s rooftop.

I started out the day by meeting my friend Nicole at church. We went to a church both of us had never been to be before on the upper west side. The parish was great, but I have to say, the mass was a little slow and didn’t flow as quickly as I would have liked. But overall it was a good experience. Then I stopped at home and grabbed a bite to eat, then met up with some other friends to go to the Gay Pride Parade. And man, was that so much fun. The energy of the people in NYC on this day is just so positive. It’s a beautiful thing to see everyone have a smile on their face.

I ended the day by meeting up with some neighbors for a barbecue on our rooftop. Steak, family, and a mesmerizing view of the manhattan skyline, is my definition of Sunday night perfection.



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