Monday, 6/27/16, 9:56pm, in the car somewhere North of Des Moines

I had promised myself that i would remember to write everyday this weekend but i failed. 

Saturday after I taught aerial,  Gabe and I drove to Minneapolis. We stopped and ate at a place called El Taco Riendo. It was great. We had to wait in a lone behind 20 peeps to order.

Then we drove to Ojiketa Regional park in Chisago City. We set up camp and then took our bikes out for a spin.  The place is extremely wooded and the mosquitos were insane.  There was a wedding going on and near us was a group of 25 Asians that were so loud all night long. 

In the morning I got up and walked to the shower house.  Being naked around Tay many mosquitos was a mistake. We left and made our way to Dresser, WI. On the way we stopped at a cute little cafe in Osceola for brekkie. 

We did three levels of the high ropes course at Trollhaugen. It was exhilarating and exhausting.  When got done,  Steve,  E, and Sam were waiting for us.  We ate lunch in the lodge and then Gabe,  E and I did the zip line tour.  It was amazeballs. Gotta do that again. 

Afterward we went back to Osceola for ice cream and climbed down to see the water fall.  That was really cool,  but Gabe and I were pretty spent. 

We went back to camp and Steve and E got their tent all set up.  Then we allwent down to the “beach” for a swim.  The winds were like 35 miles an hour so we didn’t last long,  but it was kinda cool betting in such choppy water. 

We drove into town for dinner and ate at the place in town where every family in town eats. It was a good meal.  

We all got in our tents pretty really to avoid the mosquitos.  Steve made us all brekkie in the morning and then they left to head into the city.  Gabe and I met up with E and Sam at the rose garden at lake Harriet.  We walked around a bit and then Gabe and I left for our bike tour.  I had a whole tour planned out but we only did half of it.  We went to the house from purple rain,  and four of the cities bridges.  Gabe’s handlebars came loose so we had to find a bike shop.  We got them fixed and I bought a pair of chamois underwear to mitigate the crotch irritation from my saddle.  We rode back to the car and headed back to El Taco Riendo. On the way I stopped at cricket and got a new phone. 

We ate and hour the road right at rush hour.  Stupid.  I had promised Gabe we tree could stop at the Nike outlet an hour South of Minneapolis.  He took forever picking out a pair of shoes.  We miles from home. 

I didn’t meditate at all weekend and although I ate really well on Saturday,  I totally fucked  that Sunday and today. FIN 

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