An entire week without doing this… I kinda forgot about my journals lol

OK so I started working today,  it’s not hard but I’m working out in the sun so it is a bit tiring. And today I forgot my belt so my pants kept falling down and I didn’t have music so it was boring. I got paired up with a lady and we did pretty good. But because of the heat I only worked 6 hours and I think that’s how the entire week is going to be. I’m planning on buying a TV for my room so I can play my ps3 in here, right now it’s in the living room and people bother me all the time so I can’t.  Me and my girlfriend are doing fine, we have our fights but we always make up. I’m going to work as hard as I can because my dream is to be with her and to start a family. She means so much to me and I can’t do anything with out thinking about her.  I love her♡

That’s it, I gotta wake up early for work tomorrow 


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