A Disappointment

Today my dad called an old family friend up to ask how she’s been doing, and she said that she was going to go insane because of some stuff that’s recently been found out about her son.

Her son is half a year younger than my older sister. (He’s Chinese, by the way, his family is from Shenzhen). He enrolled in an American college in 2014, after getting some tutoring from my dad for his TOEFL and SATs, both of which he got nice scores on, which allowed him to get a scholarship for all four years of college–provided he got all A’s every semester. Everything was going well for him for a while, he was in uni in a different country–which is what his mom wanted, because she was afraid that if he stayed in Shenzhen, his friends would have a bad influence on him, and she thought it would be better if he went somewhere far away–and his grades were fine, or at least that’s what he told my dad. So we didn’t really bring him up much except to say that he was working hard and that was a good thing, he should have a bright future, blah blah blah.

But today his mom told my dad that he was not working hard in school, or at least not as hard as we thought, because in April of 2015, he left uni–and secretly left the States, as well. She doesn’t know where he was hiding until he went back to her home during summer, but it was probably Hong Kong, which is right next to Shenzhen, and is his (now ex-) girlfriend’s home.

Speaking of his ex-girlfriend, she’s a bit more than two years older than him, and they started dating before he went to college. She was kind of a golddigger (forgive me if that term sounds kind of sexist, but there really is no other word for it), and she kept asking him (let’s call him C from now on) to give her stuff. You know, bags, clothes, money, whatever. So. Anyway, he gave her all the stuff and I guess he was so caught up in his relationship with her that his grades started slipping, so he started getting B’s and he was going to lose the scholarship because of it, so he left school before his first year had even ended.

And then he hid out for a while before going back to Shenzhen, to his parent’s house, and asking them for money. C’s family is super rich–well, maybe not super rich, but still really rich–they have a few houses in Shenzhen, where the real estate is insanely expensive–so his parents gave him money, and then he pretended to go back to the States for college, because he hadn’t told them that he’d already left uni, but in reality he started “doing business” in Shenzhen.

His “business” was in luxury-car-loaning. And by “luxury cars” I mean sports cars–the really pricey kind, the kind that costs a couple million yuan. We aren’t really sure how he was doing it but, anyway, he borrowed a lot of money from a shit ton of loan sharks, and now they’re hounding after him, and he doesn’t know what to do, and his girlfriend has left him because he doesn’t have anything to gift her anymore, so his parents are running right and left trying to figure out how much he owes the sharks in order to pay them back so they won’t, you know, hurt their son.


So basically C (whom I am supposed to call “brother” in Chinese) is feeling really bad right now, and he doesn’t want to go to uni anymore, he just wants to go to some language school in the States, so his mom is trying to make that happen.

He came to our house two times so my dad could tutor him. His TOEFL and SAT scores improved pretty drastically after, which is why he got the scholarship in the first place, so we were always proud that he’d worked hard to get good scores. Now he just seems like a huge disappointment. It’s sad.


I was originally going to write about something else today, but this happened, and my dad is really pissed, so…yeah. We know all these freaking weird people with all kinds of shitstorms in their lives and it’s kind of sad that so many people we know are so messed up.


Have a good Tuesday, and take care.


Oh yeah, a few more things–it seems like a lot of things have been happening to me that involve spiders, because this morning, I woke up and my sister called me over to her room to watch this HUGE-ASS spider spin its web outside her window. It was GIGANTIC. Thank God it was outside, seriously…

I also had weird dreams yesterday night. I was panicking. But that’s another story.

And I’ve recently fallen in love with a singer called AURORA. She has a lovely voice. Her song was used in a John Lewis Christmas advert, and you know how sweet they are.

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  1. I see I’m not the only one with people that I know that have problems coming from family members, but I bet everyone does. Unfortunately, everyone has something going on in their family and it’s just something you’ll have to learn from. And spiders ;-;

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