At this age, lust and all sparks, bodily chemical reactions are at its peak.

I know that firsthand, don’t bother and stress out.

I will spell to you clearly. BEEN THERE DONE THAT.

Please stick and listen.

Girl, you’re young, beautiful, strong and smart.
Boy, you’re young, handsome, strong and intelligent.

You may not know me, but in behalf of yourself I’m telling you to leave while it’s still sunny and early.

This letter wasn’t sent to threaten nor scare you but to be the voice of you.

And remind you that at the end of the tunnel, you’ll end up with nothing and lost.

Your baggage is not the wife nor the husband, but the children in between.

But man, in terms of everything, you lost the fight.

You may have won the heart, body and soul, but mind you, your conscience will always fight you. In the end, you lose every single day you fight. Sure as hell, you can’t see my point, but when time comes and you settle your fucking heart and mind, you’ll realize I’m all right.

Deep inside you, I know you wanted your own family.

A children that would love and care for you.

Have you for one second, thought of her children as yours as much you foresee your own?

Or have you thought that they will always be at your conscience?

Their future may be clear as tomorrow but their parent’s responsibility will always be linked to them. She may not have realized it now, but sooner or later it will hit them like death.

Girl, Boy, have you place yourself in behalf of the children?

I know love, its fuse and happiness, everything and all it has to offer. But as a friend, a foe and the voice of you’re fucking in love heart and confused mind and death gripped soul, it will never get better.

You will always be wronged for loving and caring. You will always be the one to blame for nothing. I care for you, your mother and his children thus, here I am to speak.

You don’t deserve to be the second best. Coz’ no matter what happens the children will always be the first. Man, have you seen that coming? Or even can you stand the children hating you for nothing, or your own children for that matter? That when every time something happens and you needed the most he or she will always ran to his children first? I bet that didn’t settle well.

It pained me in my heart what they has to go through and same to you.

Admittedly, I blame them both for everything, the root cause of everything. But thinking of your future as well as hers, his and the children, I know, nothing will end as good. Every one of you will be left devastated; there is no doubt in that. Those memories you’d shared treasure it and with heavy heart I say “use it to move forward”.

These words, I write them with tears in my eyes, still no matter how long and righteous I write I have no right. You may say, I have not felt what you’re feeling but I’ll tell you, I know better. I can’t neither blame both of you nor her and the children. But I sure want to save both of you from another mistake that neither you nor his conscience and guilt can’t carry. In the end, you’ll run to your mother and say that all along she is right. Remember, REGRET always comes LAST.

Girl, man your deserved better! Be strong and fight on!

The decision is yours to make. Either you stay and be with him and watch your back, listen to murmurs every now and then. Or leave, have a life and happiness. Find the man that can’t live a second without you by his side. Don’t settle until then.  SAVE YOUR HEART!

But if you settle your heart and chose otherwise, it’s a done deal. I’m here when your need me. I wish you the best and your future endeavors.


Your heart and mind. From a friend, a foe.

Mother and father. Future children.

Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

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