You owe NO ONE

I’m trying to clean out some folders on my tablet. Way too much memory is used up on some simple truths of this world. I don’t want to delete them since its helpful to peek at them every now and then. I can’t think of a place more suited for these logics than on this site where people write about their bleeding hearts and sorrows.

Things we owe NO ONE:

1.) You owe no one justification or explanation for your priorities, principals, and morals.

2.) You owe no one a “yes” when you want to say no.

3.)  You owe no one justification or explanation for the relationships in your life (romantic or platonic).

4. You owe no one any assistance for their happiness, especially when this type of dependency costs you your own happiness.

5. You owe no one a debate about your political and / or religious views. You are entitled to have an opinion of your very own.

6. You owe no one an apology when you are not sorry, nor regretful. If you’d do the same thing again, hold back on the apology. 

7. You owe no one an explanation why you take the time to invest in your life. Your future is for you and if others call you selfish for taking the time to care for yourself, than they are the ones with the real issue.

8. You owe no one changing your appearance to please them.

9. You owe no one friendship. Friendship is given without debt.

10. You owe no one a negative mind set so you can commiserate with them.

11. You owe no one information about your life, especially when doing so makes you uncomfortable.

12. You owe no one gossip to fit in.

13. You owe no one the commitment to try something new because they want you too. It should solely be up to you.

14. You owe no one a safe place for their constant complaints and dwelling on their poor choices. 

15. You owe no one an answer other than the truth to prevent them for being uncomfortable.

16. You owe no one your services as their personal crisis counselor (unless that is actually your profession). 

17. You owe no one fake compliments to make others feel better.

18. You owe no one anything that doesn’t make you feel good, makes you uncomfortable, or goes against your gut instincts.

“What other people think of me, is in fact none of my business”

Enjoy the the truth.

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