Get Out of My Dreams

After specifically asking the Universe to keep him out of my dreams at night, I was haunted again by him this morning upon waking from dreaming.  Emotions that I have been suppressing successfully during the day for over a year now still creep into my subconscious apparently.  In addition, I thought I was making progress since I can now go for at least an hour (when busy at school usually) without him crossing my mind at all.  Like the Chippewa River, the emotional flood of emotions has gone down and I don’t feel the pressure threatening to break the dam if I don’t open another gate.  

One thought on “Get Out of My Dreams”

  1. I know this isn’t something you want to hear, but maybe the memories aren’t a bad thing. I have a similar problem, my ex pops up in my dreams nearly every night. I see him at school all the time, and I work with him so that makes it even worse. I used to hide from the thought of him, it would get to a point where I would cry and beg for him to get out of my head. But lately I have embraced the thoughts of him, I use it to make myself better, because I know I deserve better than him, so if I think about the middle ground, I can look for something even higher.

    Hope this helps!

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