Had my second night at work last night/early this morning. My job is very physically demanding, it’s hot, and very exhausting. I like my job but right now my body hates it lol. Every inch of me hurts and aches, it sucks. I’m tired too since I don’t get much sleep with all my other responsibilities. I start school next week as well do that’s just one more thing added to my plate ugh.

Right now I’d give anything to have no responsibilities, to just let go of all control and stress. Desperately need to be taken care of for a change, to have no worries. I know if I was able to be with my Master he’d take care of me. Take responsibility of my mind, body, and soul. He would make me feel things I’ve never felt before, send me into a world I’ve only dreamed of or read of. 

Every part of me aches to be in his world, to have what I’ve yearned for, what I’ve searched for for a very long time. I need the release, to feel him do things to my body that no one ever has. To feel the pleasure and the pain, to have no control over what I will experience. To be at his mercy, whenever, however, and for as long as he wants. 

I wish I could be sore for a different reason, not because of a physically demanding job, but for a physically demanding Master. 



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