Taking Back My Life (Daily Positivity)

I always say I’m working at overcoming my depression but what am I truly doing? It’s like I’m just sitting here waiting for it to go away. Doing nothing isn’t going to get me anywhere. I need to be pro active if I want to overcome this.

Therefore, I’m going to start talking about the positives as well as the negatives in my days. I always focus on the negatives because that’s what I have strong feelings about. But if I try to think about the positive things that happen to then maybe my mindset will change.

So positive things that happened in my life today…

I took a nice nap. I’ve been doing that everyday lately. That can be seen as negative because it’s unproductive, but it can be a good thing too.

I painted my toenails a pretty matte maroon color.

I did my makeup for myself, not for anyone else. It was kind of a waste because I didn’t even leave my house, but I decided to do it to entertain myself and because it made me look boujie af. That makes me sound vain, but I don’t care. It gave me confidence. Makeup doesn’t have to be to impress anyone.

I’m currently listening to Todrick’s Straight Outta Oz soundtrack. It’s amazing and he’s so inspirational. I’m just having a little party in my head.

I figured out my senior quote for next year. It’s lyrics from Pentatonix’s New Year’s Day. “We’ll route our way on maps of stars. Hold on tight to fragile hearts. And keep our friends forever by our side.” It might be too long, but I’ll figure it out.


So that’s it. I could write about a million negative things that happened, too. But I won’t. Baby steps. I don’t necessarily want to start going to therapy and talking to a stranger, but I’ll talk to myself on the internet.




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  1. I think it’s great that you are listing out the positive things in your life! And that you’re doing things like painting your toenails, doing your makeup, etc to make yourself feel happier and more confident. Hope you can keep doing whatever makes you happy.

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