46th Anniversary!

That’s right!  46 years married to my wonderful husband, today!  We are so excited about it.  We are just going to go out to supper, nothing real unusual, but we are just excited about being together so long, by the blessed grace of God.  The early years were good, but not as good as now.  We are so grateful for each other, and aware that we won’t have another 46 years together here, but will be together in Heaven someday.  Love is wonderful.  Even when troubles come — like our air conditioning broke this week and we had to go to the bank to borrow $4,000. to get a new one.  But our house is nice and cool now.  In South Carolina, THAT’s a big blessing!  God is good! 

5 thoughts on “46th Anniversary!”

  1. Congratulations! You were just a baby when you got married. How wonderful this is I am always so happy when people make it! Enjoy your day.
    I was reading something you had written the other day, not sure of on here or in your book but I wondered if you were in South Carolina! One of my all time favorite places!

  2. 46 years of marriage! That’s amazing. You just don’t see big numbers of marriages surviving the test of time. What a beautiful example of commitment. Congratulations!!!

    Coincidentally, tomorrow is my anniversary (15 years). It’s amazing how easy the journey is when you’ve got a best friend by your side.

  3. Thank you, Hoosier. I was actually just 19 when I married. It’s a miracle it has lasted and become so beautiful. Recently my hubby was diagnosed with Parkinsons’ —–so there will be more caregiving in the future. But that’s all part of the commitment. I love him so much.

  4. Congratulations on your recent anniversary. That is so wonderful that you found such a loving husband to share your life with. And he obviously found someone like you to spend these last 46 years with. You are both so blessed.

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