6/28/2016 🌈Gender And Some of my Day

So today was an average day ig. We had a sub for my summer school class, so it was pretty “lit”. She’s subbing tomorrow so das guud. I had a pretty long laugh during the second part of it because of some jokes a friend told me. Annndd i got an earfull from my gramma and tia today because i forgot to tell them i stood home yesterday to watch my dad’s gf’s kids. I thought my dad was gonna tell them since he wanted me to watch them but oh well. Whats done is done. I thought about the lgbt+ community a bit after watching onisions video about gender. He basically said that if you dont identify with male or female than you go by nonbinary. Nonbinary is the umbrella term for everything else i think, so theres nothin wrong there. I still question my gender, myself. I’m not 100% sure im agender but that’s what i feel suits me the most rn. I might just use the nonbinary label until i completely figure out who i am tho. At first, i felt i was male, i always felt i was a boy when i was younger, but i still liked to dress cute and be feminine at times, so i never completely stuck with male, or never completely identified with it. When i got a bit older i learned about the other identities and thought i was bigender, cuz i felt masculine and feminine at the same time, so thats where i called myself a new name, Kristopher(kris) for when i looked more on the masculine side, but kayla was still good because i felt as if i was both. Then i started doing more research and found agender. It said that you can still appear masculine or feminine but dont feel that way or whatever. I like both looks, i dont really ever feel like a female or male,and personally dont care what people see me as or what pronouns they use, so ive chosen to use agender as my label. I just look in the mirror and see if i look more on the masculine or feminine side and thats it, i dont feel male or female, just more masculine or feminine (im not good at explaining). So I came up with Kayden, as its the closest genderneutral name i could think of that starts with a K. I like that name, and im 100% cool with being called it. But people have known me as Kayla for a really long time, and im 100% with still being called it. I dont get offended or anything, i dont know why :/ haha.Still kinda confused on it, but lol like i said, still discovering lol. So thats kinda why i put Kayden/Kayla as my name, because im cool with being called either. Call me both, stick to one, alter between the two, im A-Okay. ┬áAannndd my sexuality is totally seperate so ill save that for another day. But back to MY day…. Then my boyfriend texted me cute little things and he isnt taking summer school so i wont be seeing him as much which sucks. But we’ll figure somethin out. My puppy is going through her female thing so she cant sleep with me for a while, so that makes me kinda sad…

Welp thats it for now.


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