Good day :)

12:54 AM now. Writing a journal for today before I go to sleep. Good day at work. I was able to finish all the things I planned to do and all other things just worked out pretty good. Finally got my local environment set up that I can actually use to make changes and getting to know more and more about the site and structure. Also how people are working together here.

Got off around 6:30 PM. Skated to home then I headed out to downtown LA to participate Tuesday night skate. It was a small group around 10 people but skate was actually a lot of fun! Fast pace and wild enough to get me excited 😉 Skated about 11.4 miles to West and South side of downtown Los Angeles. It ended up at the Mexican restaurant/bar and had some time to get to know people. Overall very fun and I will definitely be a regular for this event.

Gotta sleep for tomorrow! Goodnight all!

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