I love my job! Any thoughts?

Last entry I wrote I love my job! and I do love what I do. Recently I changed agencies. I have worked at my new job for 1 year and 6 months with no issues/drama until recently. I consider my-self an honest person and If I do something wrong I admit it. I can handle constructive criticism. My supervisor told me she had a few complaints … however not about my job performance or how I treat my clients but about how someone else perceived me. It has been on my mind and I kind of feel hurt, frustrated, and disappointed! The things people said were assumptions about me … nothing I actually did. They assumed by me being protective of my client that I somehow inferred they didn’t know how to do there job.  At a team meeting I said I was frustrated because everyone couldn’t make it which they interpreted that I didn’t appreciate the work the person did to organize the meeting so everyone who needed to attend could. I didn’t say those words they were assumptions they made and then went to my supervisor! I thought this agency was different … I don’t think my supervisor handled this situation correctly, I would think and hope if someone has an issue with me they could be adult-like and come talk to me. If they feel it isn’t resolved then involve a supervisor! I’m still debating if I want to confront those people individually or just let it go … its not a job violation!

 any thoughts

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