My story that could help others.

Hi, I never thought I would do this… make it public. But I guess maybe I should. My friends have been asking me to do this because they think it might help someone and I want to hear what people think about this story, let it be known this is the absolute truth. Hi, I won’t say my name, or any names. Maybe one day I will. Anyways lets just get to the point. I was born an only child. Always wanted a sibling. I grew up in a family with a teen mom. I never got the things other kids got. Then kids started making fun of me. Saying the reason I was so short was because my mom was so young and short there wasn’t enough room for me to keep growing in her. Except that didn’t bother me. What did was that all the other kids parents were married and lived in a big house. I didn’t even have a dad. They would always say this to me, “what happened to your dad? Did he die? I bet he died. Did you cry? Are you still upset?” My response was always, “I just don’t have a dad. You don’t need a mommy and a dad. I just have a mommy and that’s all you need.” I guess that hurt me that they always asked that. I just wanted them to understand what I knew, that you really don’t need a dad to succeed in life. Which to this day is true. My mom was a good mother to me. Always spent her extra cash on me. Mostly though I got toys and clothes from my grandparents, who were very supportive of me and my mom. We lived with them while I was a kid. I didn’t have my own bedroom growing up. I shared a bed with whoever I felt like sleeping with that night. (usually my mom) Some nights though it would be with my uncle or my aunt. (they both were in high school)  sometimes my grandparents.  I was a very nice kid growing up. Which is why I got bullied so much. When I got older kids started saying that my dad saw me the day I was born and thought I was so ugly and disgusting that he left us all. I would ask them how they knew this if they weren’t part of my family. They would say that they could just tell because of how ugly I was and how I didn’t have a dad that that had to be the reason why. That really hurt me, so badly that in my freshman year of high school I debated suicide. My message here is really to all the single parent kids. I made it out of there and am fine now. I’m happy and every day I am reminded how much I am loved, and how I am beautiful, not ugly. So no matter what you will find your happy place. Just take it one step at a time. No matter who you are suicide is not and is never the answer to anything, and no matter what as long as you are happy with you and you love your family and are loved by them, then it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. The lucky thing for me was that I had support, some kids don’t have that. And kids without that need to turn to somebody and I think they should turn to a school counselor or a teacher or even another kids parent. Anything you have to do you do as long as it doesn’t hurt you. Remember that no matter what, even if you don’t really know me and I don’t really know you, you still have my support and love. Tell me what you think and if I should make another one. I hope this did help someone.

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  1. Dear Cherry Cola, your journal was so inspiring! I am a grown (almost elderly) child of divorce who grew up without a dad from age 3. I am so glad you had the support you did. And you appreciate it! That says worlds of good things about you. I only now really appreciate my mom and she’s 92. I want to thank you for sharing your story. You are right, no one should ever harm themselves, no matter how painful things can be sometimes. I think it makes God sad if we do—-harm,, much less suicide. You are so brave! It’s an honor to “know” you. Hugs.

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