Nursing Home Update

I want to personally thank everyone who has encouraged me in my volunteer work at the nursing home.  I am working on several new songs (OLD songs) —Ain’t she Sweet, In the Good ole Summertime, and Moonlight Bay.  It seems so strange to be learning these songs because I was raised on classical music.  I am more comfortable with a Mozart sonata—but the residents really light up for the old love songs!  (smile)  Thank you for your support!  It really helps.  I was playing Prelude in C by Bach from memory and lost my place near the end and just made up some runs that sounded like Bach and ended it.  Even my mom couldn’t tell I blew it!  (smile) P.S.  Also learning When Irish Eyes are Smiling.

3 thoughts on “Nursing Home Update”

  1. I found out when I worked at the assisted living facility that the residents just love music. One day I played Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole. There was a dementia patient who said he could remember where he was working the day he first heard that song. I could tell that the music brought back such a loving memory for him. I eventually had CD’s of Dean Martin, and many other artists from that generation.
    Your residents will be so happy just hearing the music you play. You are doing such a wonderful job for them and it will bring them such joy listening to you play.

  2. Thank you, Grannie 3, it’s Sunday and I’m going again this afternoon to play. Your comment is so very encouraging! I try to fill their requests. One lady asked if I knew anything from The Sound of Music, so I have spent all week learning to play it by ear (the theme song and Edelweiss.) Hugs to you.

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