Of foxes and donkeys

Red fox

Volunteered at a donkey sanctuary this morning. Been going there for a few months, just one morning a week. Enjoy it, since it’s nice seeing the donkeys and giving them fuss.

Filled up haynets in the barn first thing. It was wet and horrible outside, so nice to be in the dry. Was just stuffing hay in the first net when something off to the side of me caught my eye. I’m used to seeing rats scuttling round, and there are loads of pigeons, but this was neither of those.

At first I thought it was a dog, then that it was an odd colour. So I looked at it properly. It was a fox. A Red fox. And not particularly timid, either. Have a feeling that it might have been fed by someone, since it came pretty close to me, and didn’t seem at all bothered by my presence. It hung round for half an hour, maybe, then trotted off.

Have seen foxes before, but never a close up view.

Then did the donkey shed. The old donkeys were in there, and none too happy to be penned up, since they all forced their way out as soon as I opened the gate. Only wandered round the entrance way, since I closed the door to the shed. There was also a new donkey, separated from the others. Front hooves are pretty bad, and she looks rather skinny. She’s safe now though.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to volunteer to do! My heart warmed when I read: She is safe now. Hugs to you.

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