Pain & Pleasure

Today has been a painful day, work has been hard and demanding. I’m hoping the pain I’m feeling in my neck, shoulders, and spine is temporary. I’m hoping it goes away as my body adjusts to the physical demands I’m under. My hands are numb all the time now and ache, again hoping it’s just temporary. 

I do have a doctors appointment next week to get things checked out, to make sure I haven’t done anymore damage than I already had from the past. I like my job and want to keep working but not at the expense of hurting myself again. Plus I don’t get paid near enough or work enough hours to deal with putting my body at risk.

Even though I’m in pain I still yearn for pleasure. I’ve been edging, which is enjoyable, but at the same time driving me crazy. I’m patiently waiting for Master to let me please more of myself. Today I was allowed some pleasure, right now it feels good, but I know the longer it is in it will gradually become uncomfortable and even painful. I will have to endure the pleasure, uncomfortableness, and possible pain until Master gives me permission to take it out. 

Its strange to say but I’m yearning for the time to come when I am allowed to tease, please, and even receive pain to my breasts and nipples. They are extremely sensitive and I enjoy them receiving attention. I know over time every inch of me will have some form of attention, whether it be pleasurable or painful, I will take both like a good little sub. 

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