Shane and Friends (Daily Positivity)

“Count your blessings everyday, it makes the monsters go away”

-Pentatonix, Light in the Hallway


My last entry was so jumbled and a mess and I don’t feel like tacking my list of positivity at the end would fit right. I want to be able to look back at these lists when I forget why I’m still living so that I can hopefully re-convince myself that life is ok. If the list is at the end of a long ramble about why I’m so frustrated with life then I feel like the list wouldn’t have the right affect.

So here it is for today.

I watched a podcast of Shane and Friends featuring Tana Mongeau. Tana and Shane are two of the favorite youtubers and the fact that Shane put the video of his podcast with her on his channel is the best. I was falling off my bed in laughter. Dear future self, go back and watch that video if you need to smile, it is gold.

I was home alone all day so I could blare Shane’s podcast on my speakers throughout the house without having to worry about the swearing and my parents.

I made waffles.


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