Random thoughts

Tattered and worn with age and “progression”

They scream for their right to mental illness 

Forgiveness not warranted 

When blind to fault 

We are not sick! We do not need change! 

Accept us! We are born this way!

Love conquers all! 

Love twisted with misuse 

A definition warped in time 

We don’t need help 

And they are wrong and right

All in one thought

The ones who are meant to help 

So wrapped in their selfish desires

That they make you sicker in your illness 

For personal gain 

One thought on “Random thoughts”

  1. I don’t know what your sickness is, if any, but there seems to be a lot of pain in your poem. I pray that others will accept you lovingly AS YOU ARE. Not trying to change you into their mold. Unless you are deeply unhappy and need help to find happiness again. God bless you.

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