They said I didn’t love You enough
I was a kid tempted,
enchanted by this earth You’ve created
long before my birth
I was such an ungrateful brat

They say I haven’t loved You enough
I don’t do what they do
I’m not their ideal kind too
Just one quick look at me and they’ve decided
that what they know is already and always true

They say I still don’t love You enough
I’m still wasting my time
crossing Your lines
committing such sinful crimes

I still love You
although I’ve been bad
and perhaps still am
I know I still haven’t much to do
Believe me, I am sad
because who are they to damn?

You know I’m trying
and still struggling
I don’t have to tell them everything
I just need Your help
like I always do in my every step

Please, don’t give up on me,
even when they say I may be bound for hell in eternity…



(Jakarta, 26/6/2016 – 3:15 am)

One thought on ““THEY SAY””

  1. I’ve been reading your stories and I think they’re great. I also read your bio and want to say I am the same way, except I started when I was around six. I would write stories about animals and different things. As I got older I started expanding into comedy, romance, and horror.

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