Since Eid holiday is approaching, I’m just writing this.

I know I haven’t really written more about myself. Well, even if I sort of have, they are often in the forms of poetry. I don’t know why. Maybe this has something to do with Ramadan. (Reduce bitching? Yeah, that’s been my own personal blogging policy lately.)

Perhaps this is also related to the fact that I now work as a freelance blog/content writer for other people. (Well, sort of like ghost-writing too.) I have also left quite a lot of ‘digital bread-crumbs’ lately. I’ve got be more careful with what I write and post online from now on. I don’t want any potential clients googling my name and then…BAM! They found my old writings bitching about someone, something, or all of the above like a loose cannon.

Yeah, you can say I’ve grown more aware and responsible with what I post online. Sounds boring? Not really. Professional? Hopefully.

Basically, I want clients to Google my name and find that I don’t just write a lot. I write what’s really good. I may sound like a sell-out, but I need this for my own freelance-writing business.

Well, not much action going on around here lately. It’s Islamic holiday season and a lot of people have left this city to be with their families. I’m coming home to mine and it’s still in the same city. I’m still not sure what I’ll be doing next. Helping Ma with the house chores at home? Yes. Playing with my nephews and niece? Of course. I miss them so much.

What else? My new friend Sheila (from the same volunteering program I am currently in) has invited me to meet up with her (and her dog Fire…yes, that’s his name) sometime after Eid. I also learned that Tiara is here with her Baby Timmy. Her husband Mark B. (who’s one of my real good friends) is catching up with them soon all the way from Holland. She said they were staying here until August and suggested a meet-up too. Yay!

Anything else? Hazel Eyes needs my help with his stuff before he’s moving back to Sydney on September 23. (Snif.) His 90-something (no joke!) aunt’s been rather unwell lately and he’s also missing his family.

Neta, one of the not-so-active members of the writers’ club and a child psychologist (along with her husband Paul) suggested an interesting event for our club on July 24 in Ciputra Mall, Cibubur. That sounds interesting, so we’ll see.

Russian Mark/Mark L. (yep, the one I’ve dated sometime ago) still tries to annoy me once in a while on FB with his scathing comments. (I bet he was mostly drunk when he did that, or perhaps just plain obnoxious like his usual self.) Dini has warned me to be careful and suggested that I block him, but…nah. Let him be. I’m not afraid. As far as I’m concerned, he’s simply exposing his own flaws to the world. He doesn’t know what he’s got until it’s gone.

I’ve already moved on…



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  1. Very wise to guard what you put online. I need to be more careful too. Have fun with all your friends and family! Happy Eid!

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