Hey ,

I am literally sorry for my sudden escape. Last I wrote was on June 10th and then today, last day of June.I had a sudden plan …well a series of them to be true. A lot happened in these days, I met wonderful people who changed my prospective quite alot for the better(yippie).

You can say I was on a tour where I got a lot of time with me and I loved it as well as utilized it to the fullest. I missed you diary but then I had no wifi and so no writings.

I can say I am a lot more into me now…I know my interests, my needs and my desires better. I love myself more and its the best feel…the feel of satisfaction in me.

Trust me, world is much more beautiful with a better prospective…a better vision and of-course challenges. I know I may sound philosophical but then why not….philosophies are GOOD too 🙂

One thing I am doing today is TO EXPLORE my options in everything again. My Mom says I am a donkey as I love being overburdened….I guess in a tiny manner…she has been right throughout. I am planning to do something of that sort again but in a more patterned way this time.

I can keep going like this but then lets start implementing you know.

See you around whenever I get time…..POSITIVELY. till then Take Care.


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