Day 124 – House all to myself

Wednesday, June 29th 2016

Today was fun; I got the house to myself all day, which had its ups and downs. Ups are that I could do whatever I want and not be interrupted, downs are having to do all the chores (which I honestly don’t mind, so it’s not exactly a down) and suspecting there was a burglar this morning. I was sitting on the couch and I kept hearing noises coming from upstairs. I stood in the stairway for probably 2 minutes until I video game stealthed my way up (crouching), only to find nothing. I get paranoid when I’m alone sometimes. I always suspect there’s someone on the floor above or beneath me.

Other than that, I walked the dog, played Shadow of Mordor A LOT and I’ve been developing my character drawing style lately. I like it so far, it feels the most natural to me. Which it probably is, because I remember when I was younger, chibi was something I was good at and it resembles that a little. I still struggle with hair and eye size/position though.

The dentist appointment went well (gotta floss though, like always) and my mom met a co-worker from a job she had a long time ago. In the car she told me that she has been praying to get that job back, cause she really liked it, but there are no openings. The co-worker she saw at the dentist actually still works there and offered to bring her resume! It’s incredible how when God works when He wants us to go in a certain direction. The odds of not seeing him at all, then suddenly seeing him at the bus stop all the time and then at the dentist of all things is so small, but He makes it work.

That’s all for today.

One thought on “Day 124 – House all to myself”

  1. The part about you being paranoid while staying home alone really got to me. I do it all the time, even at night sometimes, when my family is just upstairs. I keep feeling like the creak of the door was just a little bit too ominous to be made by the wind…or something like it. But I liked the way you “video game stealthed” your way up to see what it was, lol, you’re much braver than me–I wouldn’t have dared to get up and investigate whatever was making the noise.

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