How to Gain Yourself Back From A One-Sided Love

Falling harder.
Until you collapse,
On to the icy ground.

Wherein reality lives,
And crestfallen actualities are reigning.
Stop falling for him, you susceptible being.

No one’s going to save you.
No one’s going to wipe your tears at 3 am.
No one’s going to hold you,
When the entire nerves inside your body is breaking.

Stop beating your heart for him,
Stop believing in that 1℅ hope.
Stop daydreaming on those impossible what if’s.
They are all deceptions of losing yourself in the process.
It satisfies your gullible soul,
Deceiving your feelings every night.
Enticing self denial,
And lures out the imperceptible side of sadness
It doesn’t help you, it disparages your soul.
The only person who can help you gain your self-worth back, is yourself.
So have fun with your friends.
Laugh with them.
Love your family. 
Appreciate those who think you are worthy. 
Forget the sadness you have to battle every night.
Listen to songs that can make you tap your feet.
Dance like no one is watching. 
Sing like there’s no tomorrow. 
Be productive for a day.
Go out and enjoy the sun. 
Eat your favorite food.
Say thank you to people who helped you with something.

Convince yourself that you’re happy even when you’re not. 
When the smile becomes a giggle,
And giggle becomes a loud laugh,
Joy consumes discontentment.

Until all the lost pieces of yourself comes rushing back in.
Until it patches every hole with happiness.
Until you grow wiser as an individual.

You will become whole again.
You just have to believe.

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