Kiss On A Forehead

Right now, I’m remembering the time when I could have kissed this guy who toured me around his island when he was making advances, but I decided to give him a kiss on his forehead instead. Haha!

I’m curious what it feels like, and I really want to kiss him at that time, but I know I’ll regret it also so I decided not to proceed with what I want. Looking at our photos right now, damn! I did flirt with him though, and we were sweet. I have never done that, that was the first time I decided that I’ll flirt with the guy who’s also flirting with me. I usually just ignore them, but this time, I just wanna go with it.

The truth behind what really made me decide to flirt with him, is because I don’t want to think about Ms. Cöt. I don’t like the fact that I kept thinking about her, and it’s distracting me from my whole trip. I remembered that it was when I transferred to a quieter place when I felt a little bit lonely because I’m enjoying this trip on my own. It would have been nice if I have someone special with me, and the first person that entered my mind is, Ms. Cöt. I would have brought my boyfriend, if I have one, but since she’s the next best thing I have, she’s the one that entered my mind.

We were drinking wine and talking, hanging out under the bright moon at the highest peak of Santorini. He’s fine and well built, a very gentle guy despite his tough aura, and I know that he really liked me, but still, not enough reason to kiss just so we can forget the person we love for a short time.

So yeah, I need to let this out here so I won’t do anything stupid. I recently messaged him, just to check out if he’s still interested in getting in touch with me, but, we’re too different, it’s not going to work.

Why is it that I am emotionally compatible to few men? Ugh! Then here comes Ms. Cöt, making things much harder for the guys to get to know me, ’cause Ms. Cöt just gets me. I hope that I’ll meet someone who I get and he gets me too. *Praying*

Anyway, have to sleep and get on with my life. Cheerio!

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