My Wednesday jouranl

I just can’t think of any better title for my journal today. It’s been a good day overall. Still have a lot to learn and projects to work on at work with lots of testing. I’m still obsessed with website load time and can’t just help myself to find out what is causing that issue. I was going though each plugins today to find out if any of plugins slow down the site and it ended up breaking my local environment. I had to re-setup my entire local environment but it’s good cause I got to used to setting up local environment and understand better how things are working. It does not seem like a single plugin slows down entire website tho. It must be combination of multiple plugins we are using on the website which makes me think that it’s probably easier to rebuild the theme. However, it makes more sense to fix the issues on existing site now and be ready for the right moment.

Today, I was at the office till almost 7 PM to discuss about the style guide. Another project I really want to do well. It is going good and I will be coming up with proper asset library for all of out sites.

Dosung came to pick me up for dinner at my apartment. We had a dinner at Korean restaurant at K-town with his friends. I got to try new restaurant has spicy chicken stew. The food was very good and I ended up eating too much. Stayed in K-town till around 11:30 PM and took an Uber back home.

Things are going pretty good overall. I still need to start working on my new idea about the restaurant and it seems like I will have some time to mess around with that this weekend. It’s 12:21 AM now and I’m so ready to sleep.

Goodnight all! Sweet dreams!

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