Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 8:38pm, home

It’s still light out.  There were some storms happening and the sky looked really cool when I drove home from NT.

Yesterday I rode my bike to immigration court in the morning.  Masters with Fujimoto. Then I rode to Burger Theory to meet Kelly for lunch, which was fun.  I didn’t have a whole lot of time so I left my bike there and Kelly took me back to court. It was a cancellation case and I only had to interpret for one witness but for whatever reason the judge didn’t let me go until almost 4.  Gabe and I were supposed to be home to meet Belisia at 4:30.  Gabe was texting me saying that he had gone to someone’s house to mow the lawn and needed a ride home. I walked back to Burger Theory and got my bike and then rode home. I stopped at Thai Orchid for take out and took it over to Maeve’s.  She reviewed my Osho tarot layout and shared her thoughts with me. Then I went over to Elisabeth’s for front porch times with she and Jason. 

This morning I drove to immigration court.  It was supposed to rain all day and was raining when I got up. Then I had my two favorite salads at Farnam House.  Went to Goldberg’s to meet Chels where she was having lunch with her grandma and Todd. Chels and I went and picked red clovers in a big empty lot on 54th and Kansas Ave. We hung out at her place for a bit.  Then I went to see John Macy for help with my knee. Then to NT to teach.  

I ate okay today.  It was pretty good until I just downed a bag of organic gummy candies that I found at the gas station in Chisago City.


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