Another holiday!

New update on my ordinary life. I feel grateful that I’m still given the chance to live and also here with my family that I adored even though sometimes I find them irritating but I love them anyway. Today, I absent from school well the main reason is because I felt lazy and there is something inside me that really dislike school. I love studying and learning new things but it just maybe because I don’t really have any close friends that understand me. Well, I don’t understand them either sometimes. Fortunately, I still have a few friends that I can talk about school things. Hopefully, soon, I can be close to everyone in my class. Wish me luck *sob*  Oh and after this holiday.. ( Only 1 week ) There is going to be another exams even though we just finished May exams and my mother wasn’t impressed by my little increase score that I had. Guess I have to work harder for the next exams. Wish me luck for that too. (Pray for me everyone) Night.

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