Beating the winter blues

July first. Almost the dead of winter!

It’s icy cold, I’ve got lazy winter weight on and it’s dark most of the time I’m home. I have to remember that we are blessed with long, hot summers in Australia and this time of year is comparatively very short!  I probably wouldn’t appreciate the summer without the winter, but still. I feel like I’m done with it, but it’s probably just been a crap week.

I equally love work and feel like it strangles me. I need to get back to doing things for me that make me feel sane and balanced!

Firstly, yoga.

I don’t get it, never have. But damn it, I’m going to try! I need to learn to breathe, be present and calm. I tried meditation for the first time last night….it lasted 3 minutes. I’ll work on it though. Thank god for YouTube!

I haven’t looked around here much, but I’m glad to find a new place to write. I loved my old place, but I knew too many people in real life (really, just 2 of my closest friends) and I could no longer speak openly. Not that I don’t speak to them openly, but that in itself was weird… I felt like I was repeating myself by writing an entry.

Ok – so today:

Day 1 of a month-long Beginners Yoga program. It starts at 9 minutes.

Day 1, work out 1 of my bikini body guide. 3 months from mid-spring today.

Back to 3 litres of water today

SQUASHING my sugar addiction. No more marshmallows and chocolate.

And I need to start working on letting go of this stress and anger in my shoulders and chest. Before I beat that bitch at work….

It’s unusual to start a fresh lifestyle start on a Friday, but why not?! No more pathetic little me.

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