So I got my license! The test felt so short and worst part was the waiting part but once I got going I as fine. I got minus 5 because my parallel park was a little too far from the curb. Other than that everything went smoothly. My first trip by myself was to Wegmans to get more drumsticks for dad.

Speaking of dad…

I’ve decided that I should just accept the fact that he’s an overprotective, paranoid asshole. He’s getting an app that will track where I am 24/7 so that he can see if I go anywhere I’m not supposed to. I’ve given him zero reasons to not trust me but he just doesn’t anyways. Alright, cool.

I also thought more about the whole religion rant I went on and I decided that the reason I have such a problem with the religion I was raised in is because of my dad. All of his rules that he insists are “biblical” aren’t. I know he’s trying to keep me from “sinning” but in doing so he’s pushing me away from God. His rules are to keep me from getting too close to that “line” that borders being saved and going to hell. But I know that the things he says are sins aren’t. Also, he probably feels the way he feels because he was raised in a different time. Society back when he was a kid isn’t what it is now. Granted, a lot of people his age are able to change their views because of changing society. But he can’t. He also spend a lot of time in the Philippines where none of these things are even relevant. Like there the whole LGBTQ issue isn’t really a big political issue. And Christians there don’t care about clothes because you wear what you can afford. They’re too poor to worry about being modest.

I haven’t figured everything out yet but I think I’m ok with God and religion because now I know that the example my dad is setting is not what religion is. A relationship with God is the religion that I want. Not a dictatorship, legalistic one.

So tomorrow I’m going to the movies with a bunch of friends. This should be good for me. I need to get out and socialize so I don’t go crazy, or rather not go crazy. I would just shut down. Now that I have my license it’ll be easier. Although, I’ll need to wait until my mom’s not working so that I can drive the car. But they’ve been talking about giving me the car more once it gets inspected and such. So that’ll be good.

In the end, my dad’s trying to do what he thinks is good for me. He was WILD as a teenager and doesn’t want me to make the same mistakes he did. He’s told me some stories. One time my grandparents let him throw a party at their house with 10 kegs of beer. Almost 300 kids showed up. That sounds so awesome but understandable he doesn’t want me to go to stuff like that. Doesn’t stop me from wanting to but still.

I think I can stick my daily positivity into this entry tonight. Here it is…

I got my license, duh

I watched Camp Rock and relived my childhood for a minute while crying over Mitchie and Shane

Scott Hoying’s snapchats today were adorable. But he needs to stop snapping and driving. He’s a queen while doing it but he better not get in an accident.



3 thoughts on “Dad”

  1. Yes!!! Congrats! And you hit the nail on the head with your religious conclusions. Wow we have similar backgrounds, my hardcore Christian parents acted crazy when I was a teenager. To summarize, I became a cheerleader in high school because I wanted to be popular (worked like a fucking charm). I began partying, sneaking out, drinking smoking etc. They would ground me for weeks, monitor my MySpace (yes I’m old) and ALWAYS catch me. I cut myself and kept rebelling. They sent me away to wilderness therapy at 17 which seriously traumatized me. Flash forward I’m 26 and starting to have a normal life again. Parents actually respect me more when I’ve moved out and barely come home haha. Things have been fine since I went to college at 19. I swear on my life that’s the only thing that saved my relationship with my parents, moving out and deciding when we spend time together.

  2. Congrations on that driver’s license, girl!!
    You are right about religion. What we want (and can have) is a love relationship with God Himself—– not condemnation and worry. The good news is, He wants a love relationship with you right back. (smile) Ask Him!

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