Friday, 7/1/16, 12:40pm, I-35 in San Antonio

Yesterday we left O at 7:30am in my dad’s new Encore. We stopped for lunch at Braum’s in Emporia, KS. We had dinner a cool meatball place in Norman, OK. My meatballs were way overcooked, but everything was yummy. We stayed at a really nice Wingate in North Dallas. Gabe screamed “No, stop! No, stop it!” in his sleep. The hotel breakfast was so nasty that it reminded of the time KBAB got Ben to eat bacon dog treats.

We left Dallas around 7:45 this morning. We stopped for gas at this insanely huge gas station in Temple that was the size of a Wal-Mart. I think it had 40 gas pumps or more. We’re in San Anton right now and I hope we stop for lunch soon. I’m hongry.


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