I’m gonna do it!

Amazing skate commuting to work! Weather has been great since ever since I moved here. I guess it’s mostly like this here in LA. We got a new intern in your team today. Danilo, Micheal and I went to lunch with her at ROC on 3rd. A very good Chinese dumpling place. It definitely got on my list of good restaurants in LA. Lunch went about an hour for eating and talking to each other to get to know each other. Good time!

I had a 1:1 meeting with Danilo after then spent rest of days to work on a page for one of the features. Also got a chance to talk to others to get some idea of how people think about the website. This actually got me going. Now I want to come up with something that is not limited by anything. I will probably spend my free time to get something done to start with. This will be fun!!

8:50 PM now in my apartment. No plans tonight. It should be a good opportunity for me to organize things and thoughts. And have some extra hours to sleep 😉

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  1. It’s always so awesome to hear you say that you’re still working on making this site better and better! So inspiring that you put so much effort into it. Thanks for always working so hard on this–you’ve really done an incredible job already!

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