July 1 2016

Feeling kind of sad.  One year ago today…One year ago today we still had mom.   A year ago today was actually her last good day.  I get so emotional remembering.  (It was the next day that she fell and was never ever the same and then she passed about 7 months later)

Anyhow this date a year ago was a Wed.  And it is the first of the month so it was rent day. Mom knew I’d be by after work with the rent. So she she asked my brother earlier in the day “do you think she’ll have time to take me to Dollar Tree” So he called me to fore-warn me mom wanted to go shopping.

It was so funny a few minutes before I left work he called again…he says “Now she’s craving Popeye’s she just said fried chicken sure sounds good.”  I laughed and said well we know what we’re having for supper, the three of us can go to Popeye’s after I take her to Dollar Tree.  She was at  place…where she had been feeling fairly well and she was enjoying getting out…we had a period of about 9 months or a year there with no hosptializations.  Anyhow of course I took her shopping and to eat.  And I didn’t give it a lot of thought or no more than usual…but we had a good evening, a lovely evening together.  Wow, I had no idea that would be the very last time we would do anything like that.  It’s just as well not to know or it would be so very unbearable.  As it is when they are elderly and unwell you are always keenly aware it could be the last time.’

So here I am still at work and crying and remembering and missing her just so much.  Man I loved that woman.  And so another “first” another anniversary comes and goes.  And now I must quit crying…so I can see! and switch back to work and finish my statement.  Almost the weekend!

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