Long time no journal.

WOW. Where to begin! So much life has come up. My boyfriend and I have moved into the next phase of our relationship and bought a townhouse. 🙂

I’m so beyond excited to be in our own place. We’re having the kitchen and bathroom refaced with new countertops and then we’ll slowly get to make it our own otherwise and I couldn’t be more happy. It’s in a quaint little town just south of the city we live in now, easy commute to both our jobs and it boasts a killer view!

I’m the first to admit that I do not multitask on a large scale very well AT ALL. I’ve been so focused on the next step of the buying process that I have really gone down the tubes with eating even remotely well or working out like ever. HAHA. I laugh to keep from crying. My work is surrounded by horrible (yet delicious) food options. It is a daily struggle not to eat a burger 2 meals a day. Anyway, just felt like I needed to tap tap tap away for a few minutes to keep myself sane. I’ll be updating less frequently through the hustle and bustle of moving. But the next thing on my list is a gym membership!

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