Well I feel crap today, I just feel like laying down and dying. I feel like I’m just having to put up a front to show people I’m fine even though I’m not. 

I was diagnosed with PCOS a week ago and tbh I’m terrified. I feel like I crnt talk to anyone about it, my partner is trying to be supportive by helping me diet but I feel guilty having to drag him down with me. Why should he have to diet right? His mum came around last night to talk to me and offered help and support for dieting and anything I ever need I can just talk to her. I really appreciated it tbh I didn’t think she liked me but I’m glad she does. 

Off to work now anyway. Go punched in the eye the other day my a client I work for and I’ve had a headache for 3 days straight because of it. I havnt eaten now for 3 days either. It’s making me feel so crap but I’m just that low right now I crnt face food…  Only doing 3 hours at work now anyway so let’s see if I can face it… 

Bye for now

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