Day 126 – Canada day and tornados

Friday, July 1st 2016

You got to be kidding me. I switched phone tabs to Google something and goodnight journal refreshed on me >_< Gotta restart, I guess.

I had mixed feelings about today. I would say it was good, but it ended in relief that nothing got destroyed and no one died (that might be an exaggeration).

The first half of my day consisted of Shadow of Mordor. I planned on continuing Japanese later on, but then I was reminded that we had to go to my grandmother’s house for Canada day. We had some fun, my brother made me play Overwatch (I’m best with Widowmaker so far), I texted Kohai and other people now and then, we ate and we planned to go see the fireworks, until we decided to check out houses for sale and then SEEING A SHELF CLOUD AND THOSE LOOK MENACING (although I’ll admit they look kinda cool). I was already a little worried of the storm coming, but my fear of storms—or should I say more specifically, a tornado forming, was slowly rising, until my brother said there was a tornado in Toronto. Now that’s pretty far, but then he went on to say we’re in the red zone. We decided to go back to my grandmother’s house for the ice cream we left with her so it wouldn’t melt in the car, only for me to start crying in the car cause rain started pouring hard and thunder becoming extremely loud. My mom offered to stay at my grandmother’s house and I took that offer immediately and bolted for her house. She was outside on the porch and when asking me what was wrong, I was a shaking mess only able to say “I’m scared” and she quickly brought me inside. We were inside for maybe half an hour while my family assured me that there are no tornados and that my grandmother’s house basically has a bunker, so we’re fine regardless. The storm calmed and we headed for the road, which was a good idea to wait for anyway, because we wouldn’t be able to see while driving, and we arrived home safely. 

I live in an area that rarely has tornados, even then it’s tiny ones that do no damage. But regardless, I still have a fear of them forming. Lightning is kind of just a worry, but tornados is a fear where it’s fascinating if it’s on video and not near me.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer winter.

That’s all for today.

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