I’m Fine

It’s been awhile since i last wrote in here but nothing has really changed. I mean im still empty and I don’t sleep. My girlfriend and i broke up but thats fine. I lost all my friends and i  have no one to talk to and i’m just left with my thoughts.

Suicide is still on my mind everyday and everynight but thats fine.

I pushed everyone away and i haven’t left my room. 

But i’m actually okay and i wish people would stop asking me whats wrong.

2 thoughts on “I’m Fine”

  1. I understand how how feel, feel free to talk to me if you need

  2. i tried to kill myself failed obviously i know how you feel. right before i took the pills i thought to myself how many people id hurt i literally counted them,, i took them and put them out of 7 billion people and i figure huh not a bad ratio, i thought to myself the itll be easier if i just left, “what im doing is not for me but for them” i was wrong when i woke up in the hospital omg words cant explain what i did. it didnt help anyone it made it worse. dont do it i know what ur going thru. trust me when i say its the wrong move. im here if you want to talk

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