Introduction to my life

This summer (so far), feel free to laugh at my misfortune

broken up with because of ‘college’, does not love me the same, and has been cheating on me for a while

completely heartbroken

booty called an ex that I never had feelings for, he is actually quite annoying. We are ‘fuck buddies’ but his dick doesn’t work that well. He says its because he’s tired. I think he’s a little gay.

went down the shore and hooked up with a boy named “butt”, don’t let the name fool you he is actually very cute unfortunately I did not know his real name which makes me feel and sound like a slut. But who cares I had a great time.

The next boy I do know the name of, don’t worry. I’ve known him since I was young and have always had a huge crush on him but we do not see each other much because we live in different places. Over the past two years we have always randomly kissed and made out but have never had the privacy to do anything more. At one point we did have that chance and I just couldn’t do it. Our friends joke of us getting married and I would not be surprised if we did, we have this weird connection. I saw him recently, the first time since I said no to doing anything more, it was a little awkward but he apologized profusely for pushing sex. Now we are texting a lot again and I’m not sure where it will lead.

That is the boy portion of my summer to catch anyone up.

I have great friends but not many. There’s the main 3 amazing ones and then a few other randoms.

They helped me a lot through my break up. I was never left alone for a while. We went on random adventures. Partying with older guys from different towns, making friends with security guards, taking beach trips, going for froyo, getting wasted on and off my boat. I’ve been through a lot this summer and it has just begun. I can not wait to see what the future has in store. The good and the bad.




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