New kind of pleasure & pain

Today I experienced a new and different kind of pleasure and pain. My Master requested I wear what he called a “rope thong”. I was instructed to take some rope, tie it around my waist then bring the left over hanging piece between my legs, then tie it to my waist. I’ve been wearing it for several hours.

At first it was a very new and different sensation, I quite enjoyed it. Walking, sitting, and bending all give different feelings, most good but some that are a little painful. I was told wearing this is a constant reminder to me of who my Master is and that he owns my body. I’ve done nothing but constantly think of him, having no choice but to know he is the reason I’m receiving the pleasure and pain.

Technically I could take it off and he really wouldn’t know, but I also know he is trusting me to abide by his rules and do as he commands. This is a relationship that is completely built on trust, I will not cause any reason for him to not trust me. I will wear it for however long he sees fit. I’m being a good little sub and doing what I must to please him.

Ive also started back again to inducing lactation. This is something I’ve wanted to do but also know Master wants me to do it as well. All day today I’ve been pumping for 15 minutes every 2 hours. My breasts and nipples are tender, a good sign. I have devoted myself to making this happen, I know it’s going to take time but I’m willing to do what it takes. 

Master wants my udders to be working properly, what they are meant to be used for, I will make it happen. I know if I was able to see Master regularly he would help the process along by suckling as much as possible. Oh how I wish he could, it would feel wonderful. Until that can happen I will be a good little sub and obey orders. 

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