Well, today has been rather bad and annoying.

For starters, it’s raining, so it’s all disgustingly wet and grey outside, but the rain isn’t helping the humidity, and it’s still hot.

And then…well…I guess the only other bad part about today is the fact that I’m SICK.

Like, really seriously sick.

Oh, it’s nothing that will not go away, but it’s practically killing me right now. I am actually shaking as I type this down in an effort to stop thinking about the discomfort. It’s just so unfortunate that I’ve been free of this particular pain for a while (I think I was last sick in the winter, before our exams, during that one PE class that my friends spent cheering me up and advising me to see a doctor) and now it’s back with a vengeance. Revenge of the Monthly Gift. (That was a weak reference to Star Wars if you didn’t notice, haha…)

Ugh. I’m so lame.

So I’ve been ruining my eyesight by reading pages and pages and pages of random fanfiction on my phone (poor decision, the screen of a 4S is way too small to be doing that), in order to make myself feel a bit better. It’s kinda working? I guess? Even though I keep running into these horrifying ones that are written in FIRST-PERSON WHICH–No.

I did try the “hot water bottle” thing, the “sleep it off” thing, the “have some chocolate” advice, but none of them worked. So. Read fanfiction and try to pretend that something is not squeezing my guts to a pulp while I type, that’s the plan until I get better.

Oh, and I’m also taking a LOT of stupid quizzes online. They’re hilarious. And, of course, mind-blowingly time-wasting. Sometimes I like the results, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes they make me laugh. It seems like my order of pizza shows that I am currently feeling “overwhelmed by life.” That’s not too much of a stretch. If I weren’t a person but a food, I’d be a pizza. Also quite nice. Which Eeveelution would I be based off my zodiac sign? A Leafeon! I was hoping for Glaceon, actually, because it’s prettier, or the new fairy-type one. I should be a Hufflepuff because of my food choices, but I don’t think I have too much Huff in me, because I’m mostly Ravenclaw and Slytherin (little to no Gryffindor). The animal that should be on my family’s house crest should be a stag. Kinda awesome. I would be Clara Oswald if I were the Doctor’s companion, because of my star sign (Virgo). I’m more fire than ice. The celebrities that would be in my celeb squad would be Rihanna, Will Arnett, Zac Efron, Emma Watson, Chrissy Teigen, Lindsay Lohan, and Zendaya. Honestly, the only two I’d really like would be Rihanna and Emma Watson. The Pixar scene that made me cry the hardest was Bing Bong’s sacrifice from Inside Out. But I’ve never actually watched the movie.

Random stuff. Some of it is so funny and so wrong, the results are just so impossible. But it’s making me feel marginally better, so, that’s good.

I haven’t found any nice Patronus or daemon quizzes yet, curse the fact that Google isn’t usable in China unless you have a VPN (I had one but it got censored so I gave up) so I can’t use it to search stuff. Curse Tumblr for being hacked and then getting censored by the Firewall, what do I do without it? I’m fangirling a lot right now, because of my seriously messed-up emotions (I started crying while reading a fanfiction, and I was vaguely surprised until I was like, Oh yeah, I’m sick). I almost cried happy tears when I saw a video of a kitten climbing into another pen to its puppy friend. So, very emotionally unstable now.

Aside from all of that drivel, I did nothing productive today, as you might have guessed, seeing as I’ve been feeling all terrible. I thought about finally watching all those seasons of Doctor Who that I’ve never seen, but I didn’t have the strength (seriously) to sit up long enough to actually follow what was going on in the episodes (because the show confuses me a lot anyway). I’ve spent like. Two hours just typing this thing. 

But have a good Saturday or summer break or whatever, where you are, and stay safe.

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