Sometimes, You Gotta Dance On Your Own

Falling for someone who doesn’t feel the same way is a torture. You daydream everyday for that perfect yet impossible illusion. You are easily frustrated by your physical appearance, convincing that something’s wrong with you. You belittle your once fulled glowing confidence. Every song you hear on the radio reminds you of that person. Each morning you mentally picture that he is sleeping beside you, watching his shallow breathing and tracing every outline of his face. You want him to laugh with your jokes so much, realizing that describing yourself as a defected human being is what makes him laugh the most, so you do it. In short, you do everything for that person, hoping that he would eventually like you. No matter how long it would take, no matter how many girls he would date, no matter how you give yourself up for him, you wait. And he just doesn’t treat you the way you want to be treated. So you silently cry inside your room with the saddest playlist blaring out of your speakers. You hope that someone will save you from this miserable feeling, like every part of your body is breaking. But no one came. So you do it by yourself. You wipe your blotchy face. You change the playlist into a lively one. And you dance on your own. 

Be worthy not for someone else, but for your own sake. 

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, You Gotta Dance On Your Own”

  1. You know for a brief second I felt like you just described everything I’m going through and doing this very hour . It’s a silent killer I know .thanks for sharing this.

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