I live in Pakistan. I am a Muslim. I don’t care if anyone doesn’t like me or not. I am what I am and I can’t change that. Ok. It is summer season and its really hot in my country these days. Especially the scorching heat really gets on my nerves sometimes. When I am going out, the sun gets in my face and I fear my skin might get damaged by the incessant heat. So I don’t know what to do about it. I apply sunscreen on my face to not let it happen. I like writing about my life. These days I will write in this journal on this site. I wish I could lie on a beach, listen songs through earphones and delve into relaxation. But I only want it to happen when the day is not so hot. It would be really cool that way. I’m feeling really annoyed right now because i don’t want to go to someone’s house whom I don’t like. What would you do in such a situation when you wouldn’t like to go to someone’s place that you don’t like that very much and whom you despise and your parents force you to go there? Hmm! Please write your comment below.                                                                     That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed reading my journal entry! 😃.                                     Love,.                                            SugarPlumPrincess

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