Day 127 – Surprise party

Saturday, July 2nd 2016

Now today was what you call an eventful one as well as good one. Not “meh, it was good”, but “it was a good day!”

It started off by me waking up early, around 8 am. My mom and I planned to get me a bathing suit for my friend’s sweet 16 surprise party that included swimming and we got my her a birthday card and some chocolate. After allowing my mom to make me try on sooo many bathing suits that I became sore afterwards, we ended up with a simple, yet sexy (except, the wearer isn’t), yet sophisticated one. It is a black one piece with patterns on both side that reveal a straight down vertical line from the armpits to the end of the suit. I’m glad we landed on this one. I was looking for something of the sort; not too revealing, yet not too hiding everything.

After our adventures, I was on my bed for the next 3 hours or something just watching Gordon Ramsay videos (I’m doing it again, but… THE BASS IS F* RAWWWWWW! Sorry, had to.)

Then went of the party. When I was only a few seconds away, my artsy friend, The Prodigy, texted me, split in 3 texts : “Hey. Are you coming? Where you at?” When it wasn’t even 4 yet, but apparently I was supposed to be earlier and I didn’t get the memo? Oh well, turned out fine. Anyway, she and I talked while waiting and we surprised our friend. She was aware of the party through obvious hints by her family, but didn’t expect so many people to be there and a few of her friends neither, including me (a lot of her family was there). We went straight for the pool and it was so warm. I jumped right in and I enjoyed every second of it, because I haven’t went swimming in a proper pool (not the tiny one that I can stand in that’s in my backyard where the water goes to right above my stomach) and they were funny, trying to climb a floating bed or whatever you call it. I told the two other that were observing “Hey, should I just push them off?” and they liked the idea, so I managed to push one of them off. I didn’t think I succeeded at first, but apparently I did.

We talked, ate, did presents, ate cake, played a game and yeah. The talking involved a lot of gossip about someone I don’t associate myself much with luckily, but apparently might have in my next year’s class, so I couldn’t contribute all that much, but interesting regardless. But apparently an old friend of mine that was in our original group got a little too passionate about religion. I mean, a little too passionate. I won’t go in much detail, but apparently they said she said that her religion created all the other religions, or at least, a wide range of them, which um, alright… that’s not something I expected out of her, she’s usually very sweet, but I won’t take that personally unless I see it or experience it myself. Not that I’m saying they’re lying, but there is a slight possibility of miscommunication, either way, if the topic would come up and she would be open to the idea that her facts might not be completely correct, then I haven’t lost any respect.

But today was still fun. I’m now very tired and I need to sleep if I want to at least I have the possibility to go to church tomorrow and not be so tired I won’t br able to open my eyes. I’m just glad I had a day that assured me I’ll have a good sleep. I need to exercise more, but it’s hard to balance art, Japanese and video games then add exercise in the mix, cause art is based around my mood and if I’m not in a good mood, my art will show it, so most of what I do is based around my mood, yet I still assure I get a certain amount of time done regardless of when I do it.

That’s all for today.

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