I posted this on FB two months back ..

I never ever ever talk anything about politics kahet kating kati na ko😂 al thought I keep sharing pictures and memes but it doesn’t count 😂 I was so excited when campaign started,(first time voter here) since I’m doing cashier once in a while i don’t missed any single chance asking Kabayan’s who are they going to vote for because I want to know their point of view, so trust me when I ask you about this thing I’m not going to argue or debate with you, guys I’m the open minded person ever exist in the whole while world 😜😜its Just that seeing others people perspective is a must isn’t? (shout out sayo Tamara, nag tatanong talaga ako), to be honest i focus asking about those things that I forgot about senators 😂 I end up shading people I don’t really know or where they came from( tang Ina ko dba) so yea! For the past 3 months of doing my own survey I only encountered four similar answer which #Du30 #Cayetano #Miriam and #BBM till yesterday 😱 I asked this lady properly she gave me a black face like 👿 and she start saying that I hate duterte I voted for roro when ask her the reason why? She didn’t say anything and walk away… ( I still smile to her thought, after sending her order) the point is why are you guys so scared of opening someone’s eyes if you voted for this person you should have a good reason RYT??

Ps. I rather get called #NilamonNgEleksyon than #NilamonNgKN 😂😂😂 and before you question my grammar ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE why I wrote it in English then? Cause 20 % of my friends on Facebook don’t understand tagalog! Booyeabiatch!

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