Model Behaviour

It’s the infatuation stage right now as we’ve only known each other for five weeks. This feels more like five months though. I regret not running off the elevator to give him a hug goodbye before parted ways. We’ve kept in touch via social media because, well, we don’t even live in the same country. He lives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean; I’m stuck here in North America.

When I tell you my first thought was “He has to be a model,” I’m not joking. He is an actual model (he’s also a DJ). Never in my life has someone so attractive found me interesting. The things he says and does just light me up like a Christmas tree. I still remember our last night together when we tore up the dancefloor at the Latin music lounge. He schooled me on the dances of my people (but that’s because I’m so used to dancing alone that I can’t have a man lead). All eyes were on us. At the end of our salsa, he literally scooped me up and carried me to our table where our friends were waiting. I was literally and figuratively swept off my feet. My friend says the smile on my face was super cheesy.

Nowadays I look forward to seeing his beautiful face every morning via Snapchat. When he doesn’t send me anything for a day or two, I get really sad. Our conversations are so upbeat and fun. I wish I had this kind of thing going on with someone in my own town, but trust me when I say there are ZERO super model-hot guys where I live. The decent looking ones are never interested in me so you can imagine how shocked I was that a model wanted to spend time with me. Are foreign men just more outgoing and accepting? Whatever the case may be, I really hope we stay connected. Would be nice if we could really get to know each other on a deeper level and perhaps get serious, but let’s be real: I haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell. Off to La La Land where I can dream of his face. 🙂

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