My birthdayyyyy

Hey! Im wringing again in the same day but I fell like I owned it, cause I’ve been really busy to write these days and I miss it.

Well, on July 6th I’m turning 17, and damn, I don’t wanna get old!!! I know in only Turing 17, but I wanna be 16 forever! Have you ever felt this way? I’m scary of the responsabilities of being an adult….. It’s just that I REALLY enjoyed being 16, I’ve lived some amaizing and cool and crazy moments with this age that will be forever in my mind and heart. 

At 16 I felt that I lived, I felt that I was “young wild and free” and this feeling is just amazing!!! I partied a lot, danced a lot, I’ve been drunk for the first time (but not a lot, I have limits), I traveled with my besties, I secretly went out with the boy that I was dating and we had a great time together. I had a lot of great adventures :).

I never had anything luxurious, I never traveled abroad (yet), and sometime I feel that I’m not lucky as some people of my age are ” in this way than me make me sad, cause I would like to have more opportunities in my life, buuuut I’m only turning 17, and I know that gods preparing some really cool stuff for me, I know that my time will come, I believe it! So, while then, I’m gonna enjoy all the little things that gave me great memories.

I wish I could do something nice in my birthday, like going to a party or something similar but, there’s nothing much to do on Wednesday in my city. I just wanna do something special, sometime info that I would remember and be happy for have done it. My friends are coming to my house and we are going to take pictures and have fun together, than we are going out for dinner, then we are going back to my house and we are going to get some drinks and get xrazyyyy hahahaha I hope we have a great time:) I just wanna have a good memories of my 17th birthday!!!! Do you guys have any suggestions? 

Im happy to say that my 16 years make me feel really happy, and I hope my 17’s make me feel even more 🙂 with NO regrets 

2 thoughts on “My birthdayyyyy”

  1. Ahhh I’m sorry if this sounds sooo late but, Happy seventeenth! You’re only like, two months older than me. Sometimes it seems weird to be getting older and having to face more and more responsibilities, but, you can do it girl!! Good things will come this year just as they did when you were sixteen. Hope you had fun on your birthday and after 🙂

  2. It’s different for different people I was always in a hurry to get old. I never wanted to stay 16 or 17 or 18 or 19 or 20. I never even thought about it.

    I jealous, I also should have written my thoughts like you are doing when I was 16.

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