Saturday, 7/2/16, Temple, TX, Candlewood Suites.

 Mom & Dad are both asleep. Mom is snoring pretty loudly. Gabe is on his phone on our bed.

Yesterday we ate lunch in a cute little town called Lytle, TX.  It was significant because my parents had spent some time there before, many years ago when they came down for my cousin’s wedding.  We ate at a seafood joint called the Anchor that was extremely Mexican and extremely good.  It was probably the best meal we have had on this trip. Mom’s chicken was amazing and A Few Good Men was on the tv.

We drove straight to the border and went about checking pharmacies for my parents’ meds.  Gabe and I also went to make dentists appointments. We walked around a bit and I let Gabe get his ears pierced. Coming back across the border was absolutely no problem for Gabe.  You really don’t need a passport as long as you have your birth certificate.

We went and checked into the Staybridge, went to dinner at a groovy latin-fusion place called El Capataz (Dad hated it), and then went to walmart. I stayed outside and walked around because I had eaten too much and also needed exercise.  I walked over by a creek to see the beautiful sunset. I walked atop a retaining wall that paralleled the creek for quite a ways while two stray dogs watched me.  As I walked back the bigger one barked at me nonstop.  Then I when and walked around the parking lot. Super busy place. So much traffic.  I wondered how many drug deals were going down and how many clandestine drug units were watching and recording. At one point I saw a cop car roll over to the parking lot where I had been walking along the creek.  Someone must have reported me. Then I jumped rope. 

This morning we went back to Mexico and Gabe and I got our teeth cleaned. It was great.  Then we bought Gabe a leather belt. Dad got a leather gun holster.  We got mom more meds.  We walked around a bit and found a nice little loncheria on the 2nd plaza and had a light lunch.  We then all waited way too long for Gabe to get a haircut.  There was quite a line on the way back across the border, but it was entertaining and wasn’t too bad.

We immediately drove to San Antonio and went to the Alamo.  It was really interesting but it was so crowded and SO hot so we didn’t stay long.  We went over the river walk after that but again, hot, crowded, unbearable.  We walked back to the car and drove to Austin.  We had dinner at what seemed like a soul food place called Hoover’s Cookin.  It was so-so. Afterward we drove around trying to find a hotel but there was NOTHING.  We ended up driving to Temple. The Candlewood suites here is so great.  Our room is better than the Staybridge. The only problem is that the beds aren’t queens. They are doubles.  Other than that this place in fantastic. I even got a little workout in on the eliptical. It’s almost midnight and I *just* got sleepy.


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