Staying Focused on Reality

Staying Focused on Reality:

I’ve stopped and reflected recently when I have been caught up in and had my mind focused on day to day things. I felt a sense of gladness, I felt more like my old self again before this whole experience with the voices began. I realized how different I felt when I was letting myself listen to the voices. The whole situation seems to be trying to pull me out of reality and I can’t let that happen by focusing on them (the voices). I need to focus more on me, on the world around me. When this all started for me, I admit, I went off the deep end trying to find a spiritual balance within myself to help me come to terms with the situation and while that can certainly be a good thing when it’s measured, going too far thinking about spirituality and spiritual things only ended up making me feel more worn down, more exhausted. I’ll never have all the answers, so who cares…I want it off my mind, while spirituality can be a good thing, I also believe a little materialism can be a good thing to, and probably something that would be beneficial to me in this situation, where my mind is left spinning at times, confused, wondering about everything that is happening to me. I give up on it, I’m here to live in this world, to focus primarily on this world, this life of mine, an not let my focus become entangled with things that will just continue to evade me and lead me further down the rabbit’s hole so to speak.

 But all this is hard to ignore since you’re being confronted with it on a day to day basis. This is an intrusion into my life to a most extreme degree.  This is what can happen when dabbling with spirit communication goes bad.  And I must add, unfortunately these situations are not always so easily resolved by just burning some incense or saying some prayers. In my experience it’s more comparable to if say you left your front door wide open all night and buglers came into your home, unfortunately burning some incense is not going to do allot of good. Now maybe in some situations these things are effective, I am no expert on how all of this stuff works, but what I do know is that if you let them in, they aren’t going away as easily as that. There is much more involved. Things about yourself must be learned and a personal transformation and strengthening must happen. 

 As far as I’m into it now, over a year and a half later, these menacing voices no longer instill fear in me because I’ve been through all of their cheap parlor tricks already and as I’ve stated in my other postings here, they just came seem to control themselves when it comes to deceiving. Sometimes is so bad that they’ll say something to me, then within just a matter of minutes, even seconds, they’ll say something totally opposite to what they originally said. They are constantly throwing out lures to see if you’d take the bait. Lies are one of the greatest weapons that they utilize and that are very masterful at deception. For myself, I overcome this but not wanting to hear or care about anything that I hear from them…no matter how interesting it may sound. If they haven’t lied so much, than maybe things would be different…I don’t know, but they lie constantly so it would just simply be to much of a drag for me to try and sort it out, I just discard it all and that has been what is working the best for me.


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