Sunday Morning * July 3rd

I haven’t written a public entry in a few days. I’ve been working on a story. It’s one I started a long time ago and haven’t finished yet. So typical of me. Since I’m one who believes in writing what I know, it’s a paranormal themed piece. The Midnight Man. Maybe I’ll post it publicly after I finish fully writing what exactly the conflict is. We will see. Deedee’s been encouraging me to finish. I think it’s her favorite story that I’ve written.

When Bobo was little I use to sooth him with stories. The collection was called “Prince Bobo. The stories were about a young little prince, his kingdom, and a dragon. Of course they were really just about Bobo. The stories made him feel like a stronger person. They let him know that no matter the disability he is capable of greatness. I haven’t made up a fairy tale for Bobo in a very long time. Guess now he doesn’t doubt himself. He’s no longer insecure.

I’m on vacation this week. The Man is too. Yesterday we didn’t do much of anything. Deedee didn’t feel good. I sat around like a lazy cat and watched tv. Been a long time since I wasted an entire day.

Toothless is still alive. She’s made it to July. She still gets Fentanyl patch and she’s still take steroids. Weird to think she’s made it this far even without an immune system. Last night I remembered that her death is still creeping up on us like a hurricane about to make land fall. That will be a very, very bad day.

Tyrion is getting bigger. He’s losing his adorable kitten physique. He’s still extremely active. He still gets into everything. He’s not a very cuddly kitten like Andy was / is. I’ve noticed Tyrion has picked a favorite human. True to our word, Tryion is Bobo’s cat. They’ve got their own special bond.

Not sure what today will bring. I’m craving exploration.


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  1. I am so excited to know that you’re writing! Yes, definitely finish it! Then if you don’t want to go through all the mess of finding an agent, etc. you can get it spiral bound at your local Kinko’s and design an artful color front page, and you will have your book! I did that with my collection of poems. The cover page is a yellow Iris.
    Oops……got to go help my hubby with the dog. Later!

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