The No Breakfast Club

We’ve never been a big group. Actually the whole point at first was exclusiveness. We detached from the forums that seeked to moderate us, gathering in a facebook group. Which was divided in two when the idea sprang that the ‘elite’ as they called us would separate.

And so the The No Breakfast Club was born. I’ve never been in a click like it. Sure I’ve had friendship circles that formed stereotypes but this… is more entwined with who we are. What we are. And in this way we are family. Between us some of our most intimate parts are exposed. Literally our naked bodies sometimes. I’ve heard all of them over the years, in their hours of need when lovers, friends and family were not enough. But together we were. We could give them something that no one else could. And now I turn to them, when sex, food, hobbies, aspirations, therapy, every pleasure under the sun can not sate me. 

Everything tastes like static. And I’d rather die than keep shoveling it down. To escape the monotony of my feelings and their sickening, pathetic, groveling insistence that they need to be fed and pampered. 

I guess I’m going to kill the baby.

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